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King’s Day 2020

Last year I celebrated King’s Day this way. In a glittertop. With a tad too much golden eye shadow. This year I am sitting on the couch in a worn out T-shirt, no-makeup. To give this day a royal touch, I thought it would be nice to tell something about the link between royals and astrology.

You may know the movie Elizabeth I in which actress Cate Blanchett plays a scene together with an astrologer. This astrologer, John Dee, really existed and Queen Elizabeth always sought his advise. When Elizabeth succeeded her sister, there was quite a bit of uproar about the succession. To ensure that the day of her coronation went as desired, she let John Dee choose the best day based on the planets’ positions. And yes, it turned out to be a successful day. She shone like the sun in her golden dress. There was music and good food. They laughed and danced. Actually, like the way we always do on King’s Day. But well……

Another well-known prediction by John Dee is the victory over the Spanish fleet Armada. At the time, 1588, it was quite normal that if you had plans to go to war you first consulted with your court astrologer. Also with other important decisions such as getting married, traveling or having surgery, people with money would check with their favorite astrologer first. Because such a consultation was very expensive it was therefore reserved for kings, queens and emperors.

The most famous court astrologer is Nostradamus. He predicted Catherine de Medici of France that her husband King Henri II would be fatally injured in his eye. It became true: Henri II was hit by a spear and died a few days later. Nostradamus also predicted that all of Catherine’s sons would become king. This also came true.

Like the queens Elizabeth I and Catherine de Medici, Princess Diana regularly spoke to her astrologer. She sometimes called Debbie Frank 3 times a day. Debbie predicted Diana that “a big life change was coming up”. This turned out to be the day she died. For Diana’s son Harry, there would be “a future connection with America”. Well, that turned out to be true.

I do not know whether King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima have an astrologer at court. It is known though that the Thai king Maha Vajiralongkorn has one. In 2019, court astrologer Chatchai Pinngern chose the day the coronation should best take place. The horoscope for that day was even cast in a gold plaque.

I can’t offer you a golden plaque. But that’s not necessary, is it? However, I can select the most favorable planet positions for a day that’s going to be your special day. So if you want to know when you will shine again, please email me at: