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Liberation Day 2020

Freedom. Last year this was something we didn’t have to worry about in the Netherlands. A few months later and we can’t move about as freely as we used to.

High time to learn a little more about the planet that symbolically rules over concepts such as freedom, growth, development, awareness of standards, optimism, happiness and excess. Because what do these terms mean to you?
In mythology, Jupiter is the only one not eaten by his father, Saturn. He was lucky. So Jupiter overcame an authority’s attempt to maintain power. Something to think about in the days ahead. Jupiter will retrograde on May 14 2020.

During the retrograde period we are asked to pause to make sure we are ready to receive when Jupiter starts going direct on September 12th. More pause? Yes really, this is a good time for self-analysis and inner growth. Jupiter Retrograde means that there is an area in your life that is so important that it takes extra time to develop before continuing.

Retrograde Jupiter is a phase that prompts you to rethink the path and the principles you follow. This makes this phase the starting point for an internal journey. We cannot travel other than in our minds at the moment anyhow. This journey inside has meaning.
Maybe there is a certain pattern in your life that has gotten out of hand. Excess harms. Eating, drinking, drugs, sex, shopping. If you are addicted, you are not really free. In these cases, Jupiter retrograde offers an opportunity to acknowledge these issues.

The degrees in which Jupiter retrogrades and goes direct fall in a certain place in your horoscope. This is the area of life that matters now. You are invited, as it were, to philosophize firmly about yourself. Because what is your vision when it comes to things like ethics and norms? During the retrograde period you might develop a completely different opinion about a number of things.

This retrograde is tougher on the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Because in the period that Jupiter travels through Capricorn, a Cardinal sign, all Cardinal signs are triggered as well. These signs are interested in action, in starting new things, They tend to be easily bored. They will miss the stimuli from the outside.

Jupiter represents the explorer in us and you will now discover things about yourself that you never thought possible. Quitte exciting really.

If you would like to know which area of life will be activated by Jupiter Retrograde send me an email and I will let you know for free!