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Big Authority

In April of this year I wrote about the peppery year that awaited us.

Well, it was spicy! And we are not there yet! But the end is near.

First we’ll get the Jupiter conjunction with Saturn on December 21st. It is the last year convulsion of the year. Saturn stands for authority and Jupiter magnifies everything: Big Authority. This year large institutions made themselves known remarkably often, such as RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health) and WHO. We had never actually dealt with them before. Now they were ruling our lives.

But the way in which they do this is going to change. Because Jupiter and Saturn change signs. In the past year you had to be careful, sensible and responsible or you would get a fine. That’s Capricorn energy. But in Aquarius, Big Authority sings a different tune. Innovative, unconventional and with a strong emphasis on group mentality. Just have that vaccine with those nanoparticles injected into your body, otherwise you will not be allowed to participate with the rest.

We will also address each other about it even more. All of us will be authorities themselves. Come on, don’t be anti-social and conform to the group! Apparently that police cap (or mouth mask) fits us all.

And Aquarius is a Fixed sign, isn’t it? Cardinal signs, such as Capricorn, strongly choose the direction. They’ll steer the wheel. In Aquarius Big Authority will want to see that direction through till the end. But everything under the guise of humanity and idealism of course. Because we do it for the healthcare workers and we do it for each other.

This storyline will also be carried forward by our authorities in 2021. But will the people agree? More about that soon. Follow my blogs at: