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Teacher, when can we have a break?

Were you relieved when you sipped your champagne on New Year’s Eve? Exit 2020. Right?! Posting super happy photos on your Insta. 2021 was going to be your year. Fast forward to February and you will come to the conclusion that not much has changed.

Throughout 2021 we will also have to deal with authorities, rules and measures. Yes, all year round. Saturn, the planet symbolizing authority, and Uranus, the planet symbolizing the freedom fighter, will meet in a tension aspect throughout the year. With varying intensity, though.

When will authorities and freedom fighters really clash? This will be around February 14, June 14 and December 24, 2021. Chances are that we will then see more protests, demonstrations and riots. Who will win? Saturn, the authority, because Saturn is strong in the sign of Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is not.

Last December I already wrote about this: The storyline of 2020 will also be implemented by our authorities in 2021, but now under the banner of group mentality. Yes, you read that right: not group immunity, but group mentality. There is little room for individualism in 2021. Do participate, yes! Which ideology is this from again?

Anyway, whoever is participating is Jupiter, the planet that symbolizes our life’s philosophy and beliefs, is now also in Aquarius. Jupiter is also waving its finger about: “The group, the group! Stay focused, students! “

Should we then sigh for another year under the yoke of schoolteacher-like males with a preference for curtailing personal freedoms and rights? That’s right, but we’ll get recess.

In between May 13 and July 28, 2021, Jupiter will travel briefly out of Aquarius. On to the sign of Pisces! Jupiter is strong in Pisces and that means that we will have a school vacation during this short period. Jupiter also stands for our way of broadening horizons through travel and our need for freedom and adventure. All you travelers take advantage of this.

Travel, freedom and adventure? Would it really?! Yes, for a short moment. You are expected in the virtual school desks again on Thursday 29th of July. Jupiter is then back in Aquarius. With the announcement that there is some homework for you to do. Homework from Saturn. Oh jolly……

What kind of homework? In addition to being an authority, Saturn also symbolizes our self-control, conscience and sense of responsibility. Our guilt, fear and disappointment. Can you feel the guilt trip coming on?

Our travels between May and July will be used against us to get us tightly behind our digital desk again. It’s our own fault, you know. We then get a slap on the wrist. From a distance, because Aquarius loves his personal space.

Previous experiences with transit Saturn square Uranus teach us that this energy means bad economic conditions and high unemployment. What shall we do then with such a year?!

Persevere! Aquarius is a Fixed sign. Once on course, it only changes direction on its own initiative. In addition, Aquarius is progressive, unconventional and original. Take a new approach, try out a new technique. Be innovative and eccentric. With that you will get further ahead this year. And technology, a lot of technology. Internet, social media, you know the drill…..

Tired of all these Zoom sessions? Then know that a recess is waiting for you. And Jupiter will be in Pisces for an entire year from December 28 on. Then you really have something to celebrate come New Year’s Eve 2021.