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La Revolution

Today a French client of mine emailed me that she is very concerned about the world. I get more messages like that from people asking me where life as we know it is headed.

Mid-February I wrote a blog that the first restrictions on our freedom will reappear at the end of July 2021. In that article ‘Teacher When can we have a Break?’ I explained how authorities would turn your city-trip into a guilt-trip in 2021. And how group mentality would be more important than group immunity. Because you’re doing it for someone else, aren’t we? We will find out at the end of December who those others are we are doing this for.

This week I posted an article by astrologer Smiljana Gavrancic. She has studied in detail the horoscopes of Macron, Merkel and Biden and Harris. I already checked Dutch MP Rutte’s horoscope myself and posted this on Insta and FB in my first Ask Away Friday. If you haven’t read it yet: spoiler alert, Rutte is going to do a function elsewhere. Pay particular attention to the period from the end of December 2021 to mid-February 2022.

Smiljana has looked at the rest of the EU and the USA and Israel. She describes the following things: (check the rest of this article at (

• Around July 23, there will be more problems for President Macron. Transit Uranus is hitting Macron’s birth Moon and this activates the T-square in his chart. The French will revolt even more, the revolution begins at that time. France takes the lead.

• Around August 20, Uranus goes retrograde. Because this corresponds, in degrees, to the horoscope of Israel, something is going to happen there. A piece of the truth is revealed and rebellion ensues.

• In September, La Revolution also gains more and more power in the other EU countries.

• Macron’s presidency will fall around December 24, 2021 when the transit of the South Node conjuncts its Midheaven. No second term for him.

• Merkel leaves in November. After that, the whole EU will change. Many governments will be replaced from the rest of this year until the summer of 2022. Even opposing parties will not come to power. It’s coming to an end for all of them, socialism will arrive.

• No government in this world will succeed in mandating injections. The launch of the 3rd, 4th, 5th dose is going to do them in. Smiljana expects Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, to succeed Macron. Her progressive Moon is exactly the Midheaven of the chart of the French Republic in April 2022.

• Biden gets into trouble from September due to some eclipses that fall in his chart. His life and position will be in danger around November 19, 2021. He will not finish this term and at some point Kamala will take over. But all is not done there yet. In the spring of 2022, America has a chance to repeat the history of the Civil War.

• In December, the Lunar Nodes will change sign. This always entails a shift. They will arrive in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. As a result, the focus is on hidden agendas, conflicts of interest, bribes. What they hid about the virus will come to light in December 2021. For those who haven’t done any research yet, the end of the year will come as a shock.

So for now, enjoy the sun and the nice weather outside, knowing that after a difficult Autumn big change is coming. The power will be more in the hands of the common people. If you are French then be proud to be French! The French are showing the rest of the world what liberté, égalité, fraternité means.

Smiljana is really a top astrologer. She previously predicted the departure of Meghan and Harry from the English royal family. Check out her website: