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For a consultation I am going to be needing your date of birth, your birth place and your birth time. For an accurate birth time please call city hall in the place you were born or check your birth announcement card. As soon as I have this I’ll do extensive research. I’m going to look at any planetary action that surrounds your question. Via email I will send you my end conclusion, so you can reread this later on during the year.

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Love planet prognosis

Circulate more when the odds are in your favor: romantic timing

“When will there be love in my life again?” “Since I became an astrologer, this is the question I get asked the most. It is also a subject that comes to the fore in the lives of most people. For you, I will time the days that you absolutely must go to that party, because there are opportunities waiting for you. Or if, on that particular day, it’s better to stay on the couch with a good book. Comes in handy, right?! It will save you a lot of time!

Furthermore, I can tell you if all that flirting is only for fun or if you are entering into a long-term commitment this year. And what kind of person it is that’s coming up: is it a carefree person or a practical one, super-vague or rather intense? You will find this out through me!

In addition, I will have a look at your Love-Potential: do you naturally need a lot of time for yourself and living together is not ideal or do you dream of a knight in shining amour and are real partners usually disappointing? For 100 euros you’ll know: your love future mapped out for a whole year. Exciting! Well, I like to hear from you, then you’ll hear it from me

Price: € 100,-

Annual prognosis

A preview of your year

Would you like to know what will happen in the year ahead? I am able to tell you! I’ll offer you the inside scoop through 3 astrological techniques. How cool is that! The events of your upcoming year, where your emotions are at during these events and what you are inclined to do usually. Will things be different this year, compared to the last? Will you stay with the old or go for the new?

Price: € 120,-

Birth chart

This is a character indication

Have you lost sight of who you are? What were your motives for doing stuff? What are the hindrances you’ll encounter in life? What are the strengths in your character? Is there a reason that you are here on earth? What do you really want? What you cannot name yourself, I’ll make insightful through the symbolic language called astrology. I’ll help you set new goals and direct your life accordingly.

Also very nice to give as a present when a child is born. Or to check whether your new boyfriend is relationship-material.

Price: € 100,-