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On which days of the week do people start a relationship?

Data Scientists did a research for Facebook. Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays score the highest. But break-ups happen just before the weekend, with a peak on Friday/Saturday among people in the older age groups. For those younger than 25, this pattern was similar, but the low point takes place on Thursday/Friday, followed by a peak on Saturday.

Fun Fact: on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday you’ll have extra relationship chances! Each day of the week falls under a different planet in astrology. Sunday and Monday, logically, under the Sun and the Moon. Sun and Moon represent aspirations and emotions. But Tuesday, that’s a different story. Tuesday falls under Mars. The planet Mars is about courage, action, competition, sport and sex! Interesting! Tasty Tuesday indeed! Would many relationships come about, not out of love, but out of competition? Like: you are mine, I saw you first? Is love really a ‘battlefield’ in which you outsmart the competition by getting someone ‘off the market’? I’m very curious what your opinion on this is.

But why the peak in break-ups in the run-up to the weekend? The Data Scientists think that people prefer to have a difficult conversation at the end of the working week. And that people looking for change end their old relationship on time to be able to spend the weekend with someone new. And that increase in relationships on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday? A natural consequence of the weekend festivities.

Do you remember when yours started?