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It must have been somewhere in the 90s that I bought a map full of posters by the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. Once at home I wanted to take a closer look at the posters. An image called “The Zodiac” caught my eye. “That’s you, the astrologer,” said a voice inside of me. But that seemed kind of crazy. Quickly I put the poster with the constellations away, back into the map.

It was in the year 2009 that I met a man who fascinated me immensely. A Scorpio. I wanted to know everything there was about him. Via Google I ended up in a forum about astrology. Sasstrology it is called. Together with the forum members I studied the Scorpio. What drove him? And what themes would come into my life? I applied all the tips I got there and I came a long way. The Scorpio too was fascinated by what I was able to tell about his horoscope. This, of course, inspired me enormously to find out more about the position of the planets. I applied all the suggestions I got at the forum and learned a lot. In the end I was advising newbies with their problems, both astrologically and personally. I was quite the busy-body.

In the meantime, a lot had happened in my own love life. Also with the Scorpio. And there was that voice was again. Was I finally ready to help others? I now wanted to, but how? It took a while before I realized that I could turn my passion into my work. Astrology had already offered me so much. Others could also take advantage of this! From studying and chatting with my forum members I went to do an online study at the Faculty of Astrological Studies. During the evening I did my homework at my regular job. It wasn’t long before the security men over there would come up to my reception desk one by one. Some just curious, others with a certain question. One of them wanted to know when love would come back into his life. I predicted it. Exactly that weekend he met her. This first success, in 2012, naturally gave a lot of confidence to continue studying.

I completed my studies at The Faculty in 2017. Then I studied for a whole year with Joke IJlst from Astrowise. There I learned the finishing touches. In 2018 I started my company.

But who are you and where are you going? Feel free to send a message to Astrology is language of symbols. I’ll be happy to translate for you what the planets have to say. In the meantime I’ll continue studying, because astrology is something I’ll never be quite done with.

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