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Venus Retrograde 2020

Take those rose-tinted glasses off.

Sure, you’ve heard of Mercury Retrograde. That’s that period when there is extra confusion and delay in the areas of communication, traffic and commerce. But have you heard of Venus Retrograde yet? Below I will tell you something about her so that you can benefit from the message she brings.

Are you about to make a mega romantic proposal to someone you just met? Or are you planning something radically different with your appearance? Hairdresser, tattoo, different style of makeup, Botox? Hold it right there, baby. Take those rose-tinted glasses off.

Venus will be going Retrograde for a few weeks from today. This happens once every eighteen months. The moment she goes Retrograde, she is closest to Earth. From our point of view, it looks like Venus is going backwards. And so it is with everything Venus stands for. Everything related to love, attraction, beauty, desire, art and the values you hold dear. Suddenly we all look at things from a different perspective. What seems fantastic now is often not so great when retrograde is over. You happen to have rose-tinted glasses on now!

Why is this? During this time, relationships and things we love come to the surface to review and value them. Romances that start when Venus is retrograde are not what they seem and can often be lessons in self-worth. Relationships or friends from the past can emerge again. This is because there is often still something to be completed. This can be painful.

When single, one of your exes can come back into your life. During Venus Retro you’ll notice that you think of him. You send him a message. Because it wasn’t all that bad, was it? Jumping into bed may seem exciting, but after retrograde Venus you will see once more what was wrong between the two of you.

Just met your soul mate? Instead of rose-tinted glasses, put on your detective glasses. Discover as much as possible about him online. You may feel like getting started on the dating scene but with a retrograde Venus, what you see is not what you get. Take it easy until the end of July 2020, then Venus will not only turn Direct again, but it will also be out of the shadow period: things will become clear. In any case, don’t lend the new guy any money. Your risk of being cheated is now high. Since the planet Venus also rules money, now is not an ideal time to invest financially in someone new. Or to choose furniture together.

If you already are in a relationship, you are now invited to look at your current partner from a different angle. Is this the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Are you not making mountains out of molehills? What do you really want? Because Venus is now retrograde in the sign of Gemini, attention will be paid to communication (or the lack thereof) because the ruler of Gemini is the planet Mercury. Communication is really a Mercury thing.

Don’t suddenly break up with your partner because that one conversation turns out wrong. It’s about that other point of view now, remember? And keep your hand on your purse. Beauty products, luxury items and art now seem extra attractive, but you will soon throw them in a corner. Because of those rose-colored glasses you’re wearing now, remember? At least postpone it until Venus starts turning Direct again, okay?

Annoying, all of it, isn’t it ……. But well, better safe than sorry.
Any good news? Sure enough, Venus retrograde can give you a sense of calm. That handsome guy might not have been in your favor in the long run, so you can get closure now. You may get a better picture of your own patterns, of how you sabotaged your relationships. Or how you have been opposed by others.

In addition, this is a good time to map your cash flow. Do you still have all receipts for your Tax return? What can you save on? Soon you will have a better grip on your financial affairs. Yes, strange but true: money also has to do with self-esteem.

When are you more sensitive to Venus Retrogrades than other people? That is when Venus Retrograde creates an aspect with an important planet or spot in your horoscope. Do you want to know if that’s the case? Please email me at: