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Do you have questions about your love life, personal growth or future? I forecast love like others forecast the weather! Based on your date of birth, place of birth and time, I analyze what awaits you. For this I apply an age-old knowledge: that of astrology. I translate the position of the planets into the themes that are coming your way. Are you going to travel, move house, study or will someone new come into your life? I will tell you!

Yes, I would like to be informed about astrological tips & tricks and special offers!

What others say about Love Forecaster:

1. Cora

“Wow, it was all so much!! And so very recognizable. From time to time I caught myself thinking: this is almost unbelievable! So, really SUPER! An hilarious afternoon!!”
Cora, pediatric nurse

2. Maggie

‘’It was a confirmation of how I thought things would work out and therefore a huge reassurance. I hoped for clarity, got it and because of that I knew I was on the right track”.
Maggie, insurance agent

3. Joey

“You predicted so much! Each time I would only see a circle but you knew exactly how to read it. Out of curiosity I came to see you. I was curious if you would be able do it. And then I received a clear answer, yes, very specific. Turns out in the end everything you said was correct.”
Joey, security guard

4. Diana

“It was fun and interesting to hear what I am like according to my birthday and birth time. Everything Cecile said was spot on.”
Diana, stewardess

5. Marieke

“Cecile flawlessly and humorously manages to pick out the core issues and keep the overview. The predictions she has done for me have always come true. Craftsmanship!”
Marieke, wellness hostess

6. Wendy

“I have received extensive information. A push in the direction I already thought I was going/had to go. Because I knew roughly what was going on but not exactly. So, if you want or need more clarity I would definitely recommend it.”
Wendy, Human Resources

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