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Venus – the goddess of love

Introduction time. This is me: Sun in Gemini with Venus on the Ascendant. As a Gemini I’m always busy, busy, busy networking, writing and telling anecdotes. And Venus is the goddess of love, right?!

The Ascendant is that part of the horoscope you strongly identify yourself with. That part of which you say: that is typical me. With Venus positioned there I feel drawn to all kinds of art forms such as music, to fashion and makeup and I love social interactions such as parties. And romance and relationships. So I talk about that sort of a thing. A lot.

My Venus makes an aspect, a merger, so to speak, with the planet Uranus. Uranus stands for everything that is unusual. Before I started studying astrology, people often asked me for advice about their love life. Later on they would say, “It was the craziest advice I’ve ever gotten, but it worked!” That’s Uranus: unusual, different, eccentric. Astrology also falls under the reign of Uranus: it may be a bit strange but it works!

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