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5 Tips for a date during Mercury Retrograde

If you happen to have a date during Mercury Retrograde you’ll have a good chance that it will go wrong due to miscommunication. For instance: you are waiting in one tapas bar and he is in a different one. You cannot reach one another because you have left your phone at home. Or like what happened to me yesterday: in Nieuw Vennep, of all places. And the train did not go to Leiden, there was a bus that stopped at numerous bus stops. It took an hour and a half. I mean: then Mercury Retrograde is really taking a number on you. Turns out:  Mercury Retrograde is also about short distance travel.

We are currently in the middle of a retrograde period. Mercury will start going direct again on 28 March 2019. But then we still have to deal with the shadow, which runs until 16 April 2019. Is it not possible to safely date on such a date? Of course you can! Below are 5 Tips for a Date during Mercury Retrograde.

  1. Check the date on which your date takes place: is it Sunday the 23rd or Saturday the 23rd? Den Bosch or The Hague? Did you type his telephone number correctly in your phone?
  2. Check your date out. On the internet. Is he who he says he is or is he way different from his Tinder profile and are you being ‘catfished’?
  3. If he doesn’t respond to your app message, don’t take it personally. Mercury retrograde loves communication delays.
  4. Those old pictures of yourself, together with an old flame, remove them from your phone, so you won’t feel embarrassed when you want to show him a photo of your cat.
  5. Call an old date. Now is a good time to review the past. Perhaps the only thing that went wrong was a misunderstanding during a previous Mercury retrograde.
  6. Bonus tip: Date yourself with a good glass of wine and a bubble bath. If you stay in, agreements can’t go wrong either. Those planets won’t fool you!